Third Grade Lesson Plan Bundle


Third Grade Lesson Plan Bundle

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All lesson plans and tools needed to successfully teach your third grade student for an entire 36-week year are right at your fingertips in this comprehensive LPL Third Grade Lesson Plan Bundle! Subject content is pre-organized and planned for you, matching carefully chosen classical curricula. Each lesson plan features the same user-friendly layout and components across all subject areas, allowing for open-and-go teaching! You will receive the equivalent of a private school education for a fraction of the cost!

Save yourself HOURS of planning by purchasing the LPL Third Grade Lesson Plan Bundle!!

Included in the bundle are (click on each title for a detailed description):
•    Third Grade Phonics & Spelling Lesson Plans
•    Third Grade English Lesson Plans
•    Third Grade Math Lesson Plans
•    Third Grade Recitation Lesson Plans
•    Third Grade Penmanship Book
•    Third Grade Reading Lesson Plans
•    Third Grade History and Geography Lesson Plans
•    Third Grade Art Lesson Plans
•    Third Grade Science Lesson Plans
•    Third Grade Music Lesson Plans
•    Pre-K through Fourth Grade Christian Literature List
•    Pre-K through Fourth Grade Literature Read-Aloud List
•    Third & Fourth Grade Teacher Reference Book
•    Third & Fourth Grade Assessment Book
•    Third Grade Upper and Lowercase Cursive D'Nealian Alphabet Cards
•    Third Grade Spelling Test Paper
•    Third Grade Dictation Paper
•    Templates for organizing and scheduling the school days, weeks, and year!

At 20% off retail price, all your third grade needs are met in this ideal Third Grade Lesson Plan Bundle!

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